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Are you busy or productive?

While you might think being busy must mean you are being productive, you would be wrong. There is difference between being busy and being productive.

The greatest difference between busy work and productive work, is passion. If you have passion and drive for your job then you will find that you are productive. On the other hand, busy work will often feel like tasks that you have to do, not want to do. Often busy work is what keeps you from being productive. We have all been there, checking emails every ten minutes, getting ready to start working, filing and editing. Such behaviors is also known as procrastinating.

To avoid procrastination it helpful to reevaluate your time spent at work. Identity the areas of your time that need improvement, and then take practical steps to shift from being a busy person to a productive one.

Time management is an important quality for productive people. Take the steps to identify what is distracting you. Focus on results and not multitasking. In the case of insurance sales, focus on the sales and conversion numbers. Focus on obtaining leads and schedule your goals. If your goal is to gain 10 new clients in a week, implement a plan.

If you love what you do and take pride in growing your agency, changing your work habits should come with ease.

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