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Three habits of successful insurance agents

Insurance does not sell itself, no matter how good a policy it may be. It is your job to educate and persuade those looking for insurance to buy a policy from you and no one else. To guide you to success in obtaining leads, below are a few of the most important habits to have as an insurance agent.

1. Take action

The best insurance agents learned their trade from someone else. Take action and find a mentor. You could also get involved in trade organization such as the American Insurance Association, which can provide you with helpful information.

2. Be consistent

Being consistent as to when and how you follow up on leads is bound to net you more sales. Do not be discouraged by not closing the deal right away. Discipline in contacting leads and staying in touch over time is likely to prove fruitful.

3. Have discipline

It is best to have a routine to follow when you work. Tackle each step you need to take with due diligence. Staying organized will help you stay on task. Planning ahead ensures that you do not waste time. Setting time for returning calls, emails and meeting with prospects will help your and/or your agency to run smoothly.

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