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How to run an effective and efficient insurance agency

Selling insurance effectively and efficiently requires consistency. Successful insurance agencies have an established system in place. This system has been developed and fine-tuned. This way agents know when to call, who to call, how to market their product and what kinds of leads convert the best. They do this consistently every single day.

Another rule to follow is train and teach your staff, other sales agents, to be consistent as well. Work as a team and the results of the sales grow a healthy insurance agency. If everyone on your team is consistent in how they approach and work leads, any other agent in the office can pick up a lead from where it was left and conclude business with that individual.

Simply put, if you are not working as a team for the greater good of the agency, the process falls apart. You are selling insurance for a reason besides wanting to help customers. You are selling insurance to build a business. Work it every day – consistently and watch your agency grow.

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