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Life is complex for everyone and that is where empathy comes into play

Life can be a rush or a rough ride for everyone. Every day you talk to people who may need insurance for those rough ride moments, but they may not realize that — yet. Insurance agents educate, empower and ensure clients get what they need to protect themselves and their families.

Understanding that life is complex for a prospective client and empathizing with them means more sales for you because you are seen to be just like them. You understand their trials and tribulations. You “get” that they have tough times and low budgets. You can show them it is not as difficult as it may seem to be protected.

When you buy leads, ask for them to be in your specialized niche, tailor your script to those needs, use it when you call, be an honest part of the script as you talk to your lead. But don’t be afraid to deviate from it, as that too is part of being empathetic. You’re human. Your leads appreciate you being like them, and once you demonstrate your knowledge and willingness to help them, your chances of converting leads to exponential clients rises.

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