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Don’t let the what ifs bog you down

Everyone has what if moments in their lives. What if I buy that car and can’t pay the loan? What if I take that job and I don’t like the boss? What if I buy that insurance policy and it does not suit my needs? What if I contact a lead and they don’t want insurance no matter what I say?

Here is what is wrong with that way of thinking. You are thinking about the what ifs of this and that going wrong. Instead, you need to think about the what ifs of everything going right. It’s a simple matter of your perspective.

We are what we think. We create our own reality and if we put out negative thoughts about no one wanting to buy insurance, then no one will buy insurance. On the other hand, if you know your product is the best, you know it will sell, know it will do the job and that people will want it, your conversion rate goes up.

The main truth about life is that everything we do is a risk and if we did not keep going forward and dealing with everything that crops up on our journey, we would accomplish nothing. Put another way, the promise of things going right for you when selling insurance are greater than the chance of things going wrong.

Ever wonder why those other guys, the competition, do so well? Find out how they think. Then change your point-of-view.

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