To market online using insurance leads, you need to create and develop an online presence

And not just any online presence, but one that people respect and find informative and trustworthy. People do not buy insurance from just any agent. They don’t just shop around for a good insurance product, reasonably priced. They shop around for an agent that suits their needs, and that they click with.

The only way people are going to click with you is if you have an online presence that makes you easily accessible, demonstrates your knowledge, good customer service and thorough understanding of your products. The more you offer online about your products, services and knowledge, the more people come to understand who you are.

When using insurance leads, the fact that you have a solid online presence is gold in the bank. You may refer potential conversions to your website. Let them know you are ready to answer any of their questions and would be happy to send them further information. Make it easy for people to contact you other ways besides just the phone call you make on following up a lead from a lead generation company.

The more accessible you are, the more clients will find their way to your doorstep, website or in person, and it does not matter if those clients came about as a result of converting a lead. Leads work in many different ways. Learn how to leverage them in more ways than just calling.

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