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As an Agent, How Well Do You Know Your Medicare Supplements When You Call Leads?

Do you intimately know all the ins and outs relating to Medicare supplements? When you call leads do you know the latest information to pass on?

There are 10 Medicare supplement plans and a high-deductible version of Plan F. That’s pretty much a given, and some agents may stop there. But what if the lead you are calling needs a better deal? Do you know that the original Plan F outshines and outperforms all other plans? It is considered by most to be the “be all end all” of Medicare supplement plans and is expensive. In some respects, it is a luxury plan. But is there a less expensive alternative?

Why is the answer to that question so important to know when talking to leads you are working? It is important to know because many of the leads with whom you discuss Medicare supplement plans do not know about Plan G. It is similar to plan F. In fact, it is almost identical. So why is it not presented to potential clients more often? In many cases, agents do not want to sell Plan G because it costs less and they make a smaller commission selling it. Think about that for a minute.

Plan F is costly. An agent makes more commission on it. Plan G is less expensive and agents make less of a commission. This is what is called thinking backwards. Instead, sell more Plan G, have a higher volume of sales and very loyal customers because you took the time to explain to your leads that they don’t have to spend a lot of money to get good coverage. That is what being an insurance agent is all about. Helping people find what they can afford and makes sense for them and their budget, not what makes sense for an agent’s commission check.

It’s a new way to regard product offerings as having the potential to appeal to Medicare supplement leads. With very little work, an agent could sell a large number of Plan G supplements and have a decent commission check at the end of the month. Being an insurance agent is about finding the best policy to suit a customer’s situation and budget. Do that and you are bound to have leads convert to sales.

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