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Leads are more than just names on paper or a message in the inbox

Leads have the potential to be a sale. Treating leads like they are just another task to get done before the end of the day is the wrong approach to selling. Leads do not sell themselves. They need an experienced insurance agent who knows how to work them diligently and convert those names from a “maybe” to a “yes.”

Project your enthusiasm for each lead in each call you make and/or every meeting you attend. The energy and enthusiasm brings a sense of confidence to each lead who wants to know what you have to sell.

Remember that a lead does not sell itself. It is a tool to get in the door and then start talking about insurance needs, prices, policies, what is covered and what is not. If those leads are ignored or treated like they are not that important, the people you talk to and meet are going to know they are not your priority. In turn, you are not their priority either, and they may well move on to another agent.

Leads are invaluable tools to make your business grow. Work them with pride, attention to detail, enthusiasm and energy, and your sales base will be phenomenal.

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