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Before you call a lead, study the information you received

While it is exciting to get new insurance leads, you need to take the time to read all the information provided. There are clues in the lead information that may help you make a sale. Make notes on what you find in the lead. Jot down questions that come to mind while reading. This helps you find out what the potential customer wants and needs and helps you choose the right type of policy.

By asking questions and listening closely during conversation with a lead, you’ll find a wealth of clues that can help you convert a lead to a sale. Having questions ready to ask will help you prepare and better understand what that person and/or their family needs.

Making notes and writing down the answers to any questions you asked a potential client also allows you to have a more personal conversation with the individual when you visit them to discuss insurance needs. By showing that you have paid attention to what they said and noted what they want, you are building a rapport that may pay off in a sale.

Never underestimate the power of chatting about children, pets, cars, fashion trends or even politics. It shows the buyer who you are, how you think and gives them an idea of how you do business. This is the more personal approach to sales. In selling insurance, the personal approach is highly effective.

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