Want to reach those who do not like or use the internet?

Not everyone has a computer in their home, despite what the statistics say. There are a large number of older Americans who only have basic phone service and a mailbox, because that is what they know and understand. And that works just fine for them. They have no interest in iPhones, tablets or fancy computers. These people prefer to deal in person with someone and to get calls and visitors, because that is the way business was once always done.

Being an insurance agent means you need to be aware and responsive to all kinds of customers, what they need and want, and how they prefer to do business. Approaching a senior who eschews technology through electronic methods will probably not be effective. Deal with them in the manner in which they are used to doing business — personally, one-on-one, at a kitchen table, over a cup of coffee and cupcakes.

These days the personal touch and human connection is absent from most business transactions. Many deals are done online and the buyer and seller never see or meet one another. Sure the Internet has broadened our marketplace, but it has also made them impersonal. Selling insurance is about catering to your clients’ needs. Do that and you have a client for life.

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