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Some Best Practices for Managing Exclusive Medicare Supplement Leads

Managing exclusive Medicare supplement leads takes time and marketing savvy. Are you up to the challenge?

Running an insurance business is challenging, fun, frustrating and filled with highs and lows, and yet, those who have chosen to sell insurance products chose to help others be protected for those “what if” moments in life. There is no better job than to help someone select a Medicare supplement that works for him or her and provides the coverage they need. No better feeling than to sell someone final life expense insurance and have them say how thankful they are that their family is now protected.

There are times, though, when trying to juggle all the things you need to do to run an agency gets in the way of working leads. What a dilemma — someone walks in the door that may buy a Medicare supplement policy and you have an inbox full of leads. The customer has been there before, several times, and has not yet made up their mind about what they want. You know you have at least four pre-screened and qualified leads sitting in your computer. Now what?

The best way to manage situations like that is to set firm hours for the various tasks you perform to run your agency. A best practice would be to block off an hour or two each morning to just make phone calls to leads and also have office hours when walk-ins are welcome to drop by to chat.

If you are dealing with a reliable and trustworthy lead generation company, such as Benepath.net, you know without even thinking twice that those leads are ready to convert once you work them. That is what you are paying for when you sign up with Benepath.net. Setting aside time to make those valuable calls means you have a real sense of accomplishment when you are done and likely several sales as well.

If morning hours do not work for you to call leads and set up appointments, then select an hour in the afternoon that works best. If you are calling potential customers about Medicare supplement leads, you may find late afternoon works best. It’s up to you to adjust your timetable to suit those of your clients. Working pre-screened leads means a higher chance of conversions working those leads and if you are doing it during a designated timeframe, you can accomplish the maximum in a window of time prior to dealing with walk-in customers or other necessary appointments.

While there certainly are some best practices when dealing with quality, exclusive leads from Benepath.net, best practices are more a matter of what is best for you and your agency. Finding what that best practice may be is going to take time, trial and error. However, in the long run when you learn to balance the leads with other everyday tasks, success and financial stability is just around the corner.

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