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Impatient? Slow down and work your leads productively

Once you start getting conversions from quality leads from on a lead generation company, it becomes addictive — just like a bowl of chips with the Sunday afternoon game. You want more. You want it to happen faster. You want to make your money and build a good customer base. That is all good. Just remember, it does not happen overnight.

First you start with quality, exclusive leads sent only to you. Then you begin to work them in a methodical, planned and paced manner, setting up appointments, answering questions, making notes and sending out requested material. Put the ones worked aside for a bit or according to your notes on each potential customer. Set up a BF file and diligently check it every day.

Good customers do not grow on trees. This you already know from working in the insurance industry. It takes time, patience and even more patience before some contacts do buy. Some may go away for months and suddenly show up in your inbox because they recall you helped them in the beginning. Never rule out anyone as a live lead, even if they seem to have gone dormant. You just never know.

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