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Do Your Research Before Buying Life Insurance Leads

It never pays to jump the gun on buying life insurance leads and not know exactly what you want and need. Marketing dollars need to be spent wisely, so do your research first.

How do you manage your life insurance leads? Do you know what you want? Who you want to approach? Where you want to market your product? There is no sense in just trying out the latest and supposedly greatest marketing method without approaching it with caution and your own set of pertinent questions. No matter what kinds of leads you want, your leads’ qualifications are the most important pieces of information you need to know.

Where to start?

First, find out about your potential customers’ strong points. Find out what they earn and whether their income is due to increase over time. If people are up for raises or are due for promotions, you may able to offer them additional kinds of insurance services. Before you order leads, it’s important to figure out which of your products are suitable for the people in your stated demographics and their lifestyles.

You need to know what you want, where you want to market and how to approach the list of names you purchase from a lead generation company. It may help to sort all your list of leads by location, age, occupation or whatever criteria works for you. The idea is to group similar customers together to save marketing time. Each group may need a different marketing approach, and by testing multiple methods you use, you also get valuable information on what worked and what did not.

It can also be helpful to order your list from the top (the best lead) to the bottom (the least certain lead). That way you are not spending time on an “iffy” lead right off the bat.

These tricks and tips can help you make the most of your marketing time and dollars.

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