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What else do I need to know about automated email campaigns?

This may sound ridiculous, but it’s worth saying: you need to be able to communicate effectively. While writing this one off as a no-brainer concept is easy, many people in fact do not know how to talk to others via email. They do their best talking in person, where a contact sees their facial expressions, notes their body language and hears their tone of voice. These classic sales skills, while vital, do not come in to play when reading emails.

This is why it is vitally important to have an email campaign that offers information in a clear and concise manner, in language that is unambiguous, and means what it says. Avoid using insurance jargon or underwriting concepts. People do not understand them and are not immediately interested in why an underwriter rates their insurance premium higher because they smoke. They just want the bottom line.

However, that kind of information does need to get out so that people do understand why smoker’s insurance rates are higher, or why an insurance company may decline to insure a stunt pilot. So, how do you communicate what you need to in a manner that people can assimilate in short blurbs? Simple: use FAQs. A frequently asked question section is usually something everyone checks out when they need more specific information. In your automated email, when linking back to your website, include a handy link to the FAQ section. That’s smart marketing.

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