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How do I know if my email marketing campaigns are working?

That’s actually an easy question to answer, as most of these programs provide you with the ability to measure your performance. You get to see what works and what does not, and can evaluate what kinds of leads are returned to you.
You are able to determine how your customers are responding to your campaigns, whether or not they are clicking through, if they are opening your email, what they are buying or not buying and which times seem to be the most popular for opening emails and taking action. You can also see when people unsubscribe from your mailing list. You may not know specifically why, as some people do not provide reasons, but you can track the numbers and determine if people unsubscribed after a particular campaign or just randomly.

When automation is used to keep in touch on a regular basis with your client base, make sure what is sent is interesting, relevant, funny, touching or tells a story. In other words, make your communications lively and one-on-one, like you are having a cup of coffee with your customers. Use your emails to cross and upsell, without being blatant about it. Yes, you’re in business to sell insurance, but there’s no newd to be beat people over the head about what you sell.

Educate, entertain, elucidate and endure – the four Es of email marketing – and you have a winning outcome.

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