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Only market to interested people

Usually, to market to interested people, you must also scatter-shot others along the way. There is a way to get around it, but not with 100 percent certainty. 
Study your demographics. If you are marketing to retired seniors or to middle-aged executives, narrow down where they live. If you market Medicare to seniors,for example, locate areas with higher concentrations of retirement homes, private care homes or assisted living facilities. Aim any snail mail campaigns in that direction.
Middle-aged executives who fall within a certain age range are more likely to consider life insurance, term insurance or final expense insurance. Select the age range you want to market to and design your ad campaign accordingly. It still takes some guesswork, but persistence will convert customers.

You may be marketing to collateral niches, but it does not really matter. If someone is interested in your marketing material, you will get a call or email. Intelligent techniques will reward you.

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