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What are your competitors doing?

Are you paying attention to what your competitors are reporting on social media? If not, you should be. 

Do they note if they are finding leads through cold calls? Using snail mail direct-mail campaigns? Schmoozing to find leads? All this is valuable information for you to assess where your agency is poised against the competition. 

If you’re a business-savvy insurance agent, you know that sourcing leads from a lead generation company is the most reliable way to garner new business on a continuous basis. You also know that keeping in daily touch with those leads via social media helps potential customers convert.

Social media is a highly effective marketing weapon when used to its potential.

Try not to take any negative feedback too seriously, because many who post on social media do so because they can without sanction or penalty. Instead, focus on quality comments and honest criticism. You may find an area in which you could improve — and in fixing it, create a new opportunity.

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