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If you use social media to connect with insurance leads, listen up

Social media is incredibly powerful, and it’s one of the best vehicles your insurance agency can use connect with existing and potential customers. As with many marketing tools, there are some things you must remember to do to stay connected. For instance, remember to post regularly. If you only get around to posting something once or twice a week, you won’t receive enough exposure to stay in peoples’ memories.

You want to remain at the top of their minds on a daily basis, even if only for a short period of time, as positive reinforcement.

Be sure to provide your readers with content that appeals to their needs and interests. Even if the content rallies or divides people, it has still done its job and created interest.

Got a response? Reply as soon as you can. Do not put any comments or questions on hold. Prompt responses are a customer service expectation. Always be proactive in responding to health insurance leads or inquiries on or off your page. It maintains a solid connection with your followers.


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