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Source Final Expense Leads with Social Media and Online Strategy

Social media personalizes you. Your profiles allow customers to get to know you before they buy, and you should not sell final expense insurance without them.

Insurance sales require not just tenacity, but ingenuity. Social media allows you to reach the upwardly mobile younger generation, the best prospective buyers for final expense insurance. Young people can protect themselves from all the “what if” moments in life by purchasing coverage now.

Start with a website or blog of your own. Populate it with quick bites of high-quality information so that potential customers can hit, read and run while accessing your site on a mobile device. Anyone you talk to, email, chat with or socialize with should have your website address. That way, you can convert potential clients from visitors to customers.
Consider Google AdSense, paid ads and/or pay-per-click campaigns. Make sure your ads are posted in the right places by targeting your audience and the websites that demographic visits. Be smart about bidding for ad placement on search engines, and take the time to choose your keywords carefully. Thoughtful paid marketing ensures relevant clicks and a higher return on your investment.

When visitors land on your page, you can offer them a quick registration form to obtain their contact information. When a visitor fills out a form, you generate your own final expense leads.

You could also try co-generation for a cost-per-action strategy. Co-generation happens when you place an ad on websites that are related to insurance. When someone fills out a registration form, they get your offer too. They can then sign up to receive what you are offering – like a newsletter or a discount coupon. You only pay for visitors who register on your website, not for those who click and leave.

Consider guest blogging, which allows you to connect with the readers who comment on your posts. If someone reads your blog, he or she is more likely to convert when diverted to your website.

Finally, supplement your efforts with final expense leads purchased from a reputable lead generation company. The leads you buy ensure a steady stream of ready, exclusive prospects.

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