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Testimonials Help Boost Business

Don’t rest on your own laurels. Get others to toot your horn for you. Did you do a good job with a difficult group insurance client? Ask for a testimonial for your website. Did you help a couple reduce their insurance costs by being creative? Ask for a testimonial for your website. What others say about you can bring you more business than you could possibly imagine.

Keep one thing in mind, though: Do not be tempted to make up testimonials. There is nothing worse than fake testimonials that sound fake. You want genuine e-mails from real people telling their stories about you and/or your product. Word-of-mouth testimonials are like gold. Even if you know you provide good service and excellent products, telling people that does not count as much as someone else telling them about you. Testimonials are priceless; they are like ads you couldn’t buy if you tried.

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