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Exclusive life insurance leads set you up with a steady client flow

Want to build a solid insurance business? Order exclusive life insurance leads.
Now you might be thinking you have heard all about exclusive life insurance leads and according to what you heard, they were anything but exclusive. In fact, one of your colleagues told you a story about his “exclusive life insurance leads” that he actually ended up sharing with six other agents. What a waste of time and money. There has got to be a better way to find leads; leads that actually convert.

There is a way to find better leads. You just have to make sure you are sourcing them from a company that knows what it is doing, has been in the business for a long time and stands behind everything they do —- and that includes replacing a dud lead. Buying genuine exclusive life insurance leads is a primo way of jump starting your sales and getting a higher conversion rate. Sound simple? It is.

This isn’t to say that you don’t still have to work your leads, because you do. Just because they are pre-screened and only come directly to you, does not mean they are going to buy the minute you call them. Sure, it happens sometimes, but the average time for a life insurance sale may range up to eight weeks or so. Patience and good service are a virtue here.

Exclusive life insurance leads are also typically worked with a script. Okay, it doesn’t need to sound like you are auditioning for a roll in a movie, but it should be down to earth, friendly, slow paced and chockfull of information. Try recording the script and listening to it yourself. You can improve it as you go and learn to relax when making a sales pitch. It’s not hard, and so long as you know your products, can answer questions and make well thought out suggestions to the prospective client, you’re in the ballgame.

The other nice thing about exclusive life insurance leads is that “only” you get them. Yes, only you and if that turns out to not be the case, cut and run from the lead generation company you are using. You are being ripped off. Stick with the tried, tested and true company that would even use their own exclusive leads. Yes, these leads are a bit more expensive, but look at it this way —- you need to spend money to make money, and nowhere is that more clear than when it comes to investing in high conversion leads to sell life insurance.

Let’s face it. The economy is not in great shape. Sales are hard to make. We won’t sugarcoat the obvious for you. However, by investing in exclusive life insurance leads, you have the edge in sales, because the leads you get are leads that will convert. Why? They will convert because they have called and requested the information to purchase, asked for someone to call them and have been pre-qualified. It’s time to put your money where the sales are.

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