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Exclusive health insurance leads can be DIY or bought online

If you’re a go-getter and like to do things yourself, you could invest time to source exclusive health insurance leads.

Sure, if you want to generate your own exclusive health insurance leads, by all means, have at it. It’s a perfectly acceptable way to garner business. The thing is you really need to evaluate how much time you would put into doing that. Tracking leads on your own, as opposed to buying them online, takes an enormous amount of time and may not pay off as well as you think. However, having said that, it is certainly something you need to try and evaluate for your return on your investment.

There is nothing stopping you from trying a variety of methods to generate exclusive health insurance leads, and in fact, the more you try, the better you get at weeding out what does not work for you. The one thing you always keep in focus is that the more exclusive health insurance leads you have, the better your conversion rate. Make certain those health insurance leads are gold, targeted, pre-screened and pre-qualified, then watch sales close on a steady basis.

How much time do you have on your hands? If you’re like most insurance agents, you multi-task and don’t have a lot of extra time. If that is the case, do you really want to use it making cold calls or designing a direct mailing campaign? The answer is up to you, and if you want to do both, you will find out quickly which route is the most lucrative. Chances are it will be the online exclusive health insurance leads that you bought from a lead generation company.

Exclusive should actually mean “exclusive:” if you discover that you are working leads neck-and-neck with seven other agents, you need to switch lead generation companies. Exclusive must mean that you and only you are the only person that gets the leads you paid for. These genuinely exclusive leads come ready to call and close. Okay, it does not necessarily happen that fast, but it has been known to happen from time to time. This is because these leads are for people who need and want your products and have called to have someone talk to them. Sweet.

Even if you need to work these leads for a bit longer, chances are they will still ultimately convert. This is because the average time it takes for someone to make an insurance purchase decision may be up to 8 weeks or longer. Keep hanging in there, as you are the only one they are working with and you will likely become their agent of choice. So, how easy is that? Why not try buying and working online exclusive health insurance leads today?

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