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Health Insurance Leads Can Be Free, But Beware

If you’re just starting out in the insurance business, or even an old hand at it, you know there are ways to get free leads.

Getting free leads is one thing. Being able to work those health insurance leads is another. Often you can’t have it both ways – meaning free leads are not always what they are cracked up to be. Sure, some people are old hands at sourcing free leads and chasing them down, but to be honest, there is a technique to doing it. Those who have been in the business a long time can tell you that you could use free classified ads to source health insurance leads, use insurance message boards, post ads and join a sales lead generation company.

What approach to take? That largely depends on what methods you think will work for you. For instance, free classified ads certainly save you money, but to be fair, leads you may get this way are not always high quality and may be a waste of time. You can write as many ads as you like, adding your website information, and other contact points to get in touch with you. It’s an easy way to generate leads, but like the old saying says, “You get what you pay for,” or in this instance, you get what you don’t pay for. Think twice about using free ads.

You might want to try message boards, particularly those that in the same niche as you. Post ads. Include your website link and start discussing a specific promotion you may have for a limited-time only deal, and if people contact you, they can get more information and take advantage of the good discount(s). If something is cheaper than people expect, but still offers them the kind of insurance they want and need, chances are you will have a customer conversion.

The best way to get quality health insurance leads is, hands down, through a sales lead generation company. When you first join, many companies hand you free leads as part of a trial deal. Work them like you would the ones you pay for and see what happens. You never know. If they convert, you have money to buy more good leads; preferably exclusive health insurance leads.

Just remember, your leads, and how much business you garner, is a function of the quality of those health insurance leads. So, if you have a little extra, spend a little more, and make as much as you want.

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