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The Insurance Lead Calculator and Reviewing Your Plan

Every day I speak to agents across the country whose experience ranges from “I’m not even licensed yet” to agents who have been in the business for over 10 years. Often these conversations get into the business of selling insurance, best practices, and how to hit your goals.Pretty much everyone knows that its a numbers game and that getting those numbers right is the key to hitting their goals.

I have found that so many of you are running so fast selling, following up on sales, prospecting, etc that its hard to slow down and review your results and revise your tactics to hit your goals. One question I get over and over again is “How many leads should I be buying?”.

So, I built this lead calculator to help you answer that question – and it doesn’t matter if you are buying our leads or not.

All you have to do is open the calculator and put in your:

  • Average commission per sale
  • Close rate by lead source or type
  • Lead cost by source
  • Your income goal

The calculator will then tell you

  • The number of leads you need to order per week to achieve your income goal
  • Your weekly lead budget

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