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The Secret Health Insurance Lead Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Lead Companies Want to Make the Most Money They Can on Every Lead

I ask most agents I speak with whether they would make the most money they could on every lead if they owned the lead company – every agent says YES. So, there is nothing wrong with what they do.

The trouble is, they don’t tell you they do it and if you don’t understand how it works and how to manage it; your business will suffer.

So here is what happens. Lead companies have software that essentially calculates the best way to sell every lead to make the most money. The program looks at the lead, determines who all the potential buyers are, and then ranks those buyers by how much they are willing to pay for that lead.

That lead is then sent to the 5 – 8 highest bidders for that lead (depending on how many agents the lead company will send a lead to…).

You didn’t know you are bidding for leads did you? Well by adding filters, you are doing just that – saying I am willing to pay a higher price for certain leads.

So, when a family lead comes in during business hours, and they live in a wealthy community, and they are self-employed, and they are presently covered by insurance, and they have no health risks…

Do you think you are going to see that lead if you are paying $15 for exclusive leads or even $7 for shared leads?

Of course you aren’t going to get that lead!

There are people willing to pay as much as $20 to $25 for that lead on a SHARED basis! Lead companies can make as much as $100 on that one lead.

So what do you do?

If you are buying exclusive leads from a shared lead company, you could load up with filters, but for the best leads at the best times, you just don’t have a chance. Well, unless you are willing to pay $50 or more per exclusive lead or you like leads at 10pm…

On the shared lead side, there are two things you can do. One is to buy lots of leads. You can get in the rotation for the good leads if you are buying lots of leads. You also can get a better price.

The other is to make sure that you are putting filters on your leads. You don’t have to filter your leads up to $20, but if you are in at $10 to $12, you should be high enough to get your share of the really good leads. Also, by adding the filters you will avoid getting lots of 19 year old single men who think they are supermen and are making minimum wage.

What Makes Benepath Different?

  • Our Leads Are Absolutely Exclusive – They are not “semi-exclusive”, exclusive for a week or a month, exclusive for health but sold as a life lead as well, etc. They are simply exclusive to YOU!
  • We Don’t Sell Shared Health Leads – Buying exclusive leads from a shared lead company is a great way to get a lot of B leads. Why, because they all use optimization software that tells them where they will make the most money with each lead. So, the lead that can be sold as little as 2 or three times is never sold exclusively.
  • Benepath Brands You with Your Prospect – Your prospects will see your name and your agency name before you can finish dialing.
  • Your Prospects See Your Quotes Inside Our Site – They can even apply online – and the information goes right into your lead system.* Check out what it looks like – Sample Quote Page
  • 90% of Your Prospects Never Go Anywhere Else – I’ve heard it so many times, “there’s no such thing as an exclusive lead”. And you are right if you are buying exclusives from a shared lead company. They can’t show quotes, so the prospect moves to another site until they get what they wanted – QUOTES!
  • At Benepath, consumers get what they are looking for – quotes. So, they don’t need to go to another site and they usually don’t.

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