I Already Use So Many Media Platforms to Market Insurance My Head Spins – Now What?

Fair question. The answer may surprise you, but it’s one of the oldest, most used tool in the world. Can you guess what it is? It’s the phone. Yes, that’s right – the phone, landline, online or cellphone. Surprised? This is mentioned because a great many insurance agents rely so much of digital communication techniques that they tend to either leave the phone as the least used way to connect or do not use it at all, viewing it as a waste of time to call, leave a message, call back and keep “wasting” time to get someone on the phone.

While those are valid concerns, connecting by phone – where one person speaks and the other replies – as in talking, not texting, is adding a personal dimension to the dance of selling health insurance. You are not just selling a health care product either. You are also selling yourself. Reaching out to speak to possible clients is a personal form of connection that goes far beyond just chatting on Instagram.

Relationship marketing is “not” dead. It’s the renewed, most sought after form of connecting – person-to-person, one-on-one and instant. People these days appreciate this form of connecting even more. It’s personal and that is what counts.

There’s Still The Phone You Can Use to Market

Just when you thought cold calling, or using the phone in making a sale is dead, along comes the reality of impersonalization in a digital world. Nowadays many people are longing to connect to someone who can call them and actually “talk” to them, not text or Snapchat or FB, but an honest-to-goodness discussion with a live person. So consider using the phone (landline) or cellphone more often to engage with an existing or potential client.

Digital marketing, while useful, quick and relatively inexpensive, is hardly “personal,” and may consumers now want a personal component to any sales transaction they undertake. Be a part of that change and see how your insurance agency starts to get more customers because they appreciate the “personal” service. It’s worth a try.

Master the Phone, It Is Your Best Marketing Tool

Sometimes making a phone call to someone about buying insurance is difficult to do. Even with a script these phone calls can be awkward. What do you do? Invest in exclusive leads from a reputable lead generation company, such as benepath.net, and get only the best. Your leads can be sent when you want them, as many as you like, in the demographic parameters you prefer, daily, or weekly pre-screened and ready to talk about insurance.

Imagine that – a list of people ready and willing to talk to you about buying insurance. People who are actively looking to buy a policy of one sort of the other, who want answers and are likely to buy fairly soon (if not immediately) after you have spoken to them. Investing in pre-qualified leads that come only to you and are not shared with other agents is the perfect way to smart market your insurance agency.

In fact, if you previously hated making phone calls, investing in leads from a lead generation company is a wise move to grow your agency. It saves you time, frustration and the pay off in conversions is well worth it.


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