Are You on the Lookout For Leads?

Are you always on the alert for leads during your day? Being alert to possible customers is one of the best ways to find new customers for your product. No one says you need to go out and stalk customers, but if you happen to be in a location and the subject of insurance comes up that is your chance to chime in and change the narrative.

Perhaps the man in line at the grocery store is saying that he feels he got ripped off with his new health insurance policy and does not understand what it covers and what it does not cover because the agent never explained it. This could be an opportunity to get involved in that conversation and offer up your card. It is important for all agents to carry with them updated business cards. While you may not get a sale right away, it is possible that the man will remember you and will tell others how you helped him. Word of mouth is a powerful form of marketing.

Be alert no matter where you are. There are chances around every corner to find leads. Remember to carry your business cards with you. All sales start with you.

Do You Have All the Training You Need?

While you may think you have all the training you need, the real question is do you still keep on training continuously to keep up with trends and changes in the industry? If the answer is no, then you may need to examine your approach to sales and marketing. Sales and marketing are not static fields. Often technology will dictate changes in marketing. Sales will change, as the audience changes. Staying aware of these changes will serve you and your agency well.

Moreover, the insurance field is constantly changing and developing. All insurance agents need to stay on top of all changes in insurance policy rules. If an agent is not aware of the latest changes and trends in the insurance agency, how well is the customer going to be served? While they may know about pricing changes, would they know that a particular clause or provision was changed or revoked, which may change the way a policy needs to be sold? Would they know the latest information and dates for registering for Medicare?

An agent really never has all the training they need because the industry changes so much, so quickly. However, this does not mean you can give up and stop learning. Always stay on top of the latest information – your business success relies on that.

Communication Skills are Key for Developing Your Agency

You may be thinking, you are a good communicator. You call leads, make appointments, talk to walk-ins, talk to staff, help with training and do well in sales. Those are certainly examples of communicating, but talking is not the same as having developed communication skills.

As an insurance agent, marketing and sales involve developed communication skills. To start with, you should examine who is your audience. Who will respond to your agency’s insurance policies best? Knowing your audience will allow you to develop an effective marketing strategy. However, to do that you will need to know how to communicate to your prospective clients what they need in an insurance policy. This is marketing and it is sales.

As an agent, however, you cannot rely on your website to do it all. You will need to interact with leads and get them to buy policies from you. This will require you to sell yourself and your product. You need to be selling you. Without you there is typically no sale, even if someone walked in off the street and said they wanted a Medicare policy. They would first want to get a sense of the selling agent before actually buying.

Do you seem fair? Honest? Know your product? Help potential buyers by giving them thorough information? Do you take your time and get to know the person before doing a sales pitch? Do you enjoy speaking to others? If so, then that means you have developed your communication skills. However, do not stop learning.

Does Your Insurance Agency Send Out Newsletters?

Newsletter are agents’ best friend. This form of marketing is easy and effective. Newsletters will allow your agency to keep in contact with current clients and subscribers. Newsletters will also serve as a way to attract new leads to your agency.

To create a newsletter, you will need to compose a list of all your current and past customers, as well as all subscribers. If you want to be promoting your agency, your services and your policies, you need to have the list of leads ready to go and not spend time hunting for them.

Newsletters can prove to be a useful tool for attracting new leads to your agency. The easiest way to do this, is to have a call to action on your website. When a user enters your site, they should be prompted to sign up for the newsletter or an ebook. In order to receive an ebook, the newsletter or any other promotional information, users should be prompted to provide their emails. This way, you will have an easy to access list of potential leads.

One marketing saying describes this type of situation as: “The money is in the list.” While this may be true and the sales from the newsletter list will increase your bottom line financially, there are other benefits. The value in your newsletter list is the relationships made with those on the list. Without rapport with people, they do not really know who you are and whether they can trust you. Take the time to build that trust and sell you, in no time that newsletter-marketing list will attract new leads.

Creating Free Guides For Your Readers

People looking for tips on buying the right kind of insurance for their particular needs are always looking for credible guides to help them choose. You are an expert in insurance. You can blog about the subject with authority and can also package that knowledge as a free guide for your readers to download.

Instead of calling it the Ultimate Guide though, you might want to give it another name that conveys the same idea – a must-have guide for those needing health, final expense insurance, Medicare information all in one place. Perhaps try the “Complete Guide” or the “Essential Guide” to buying insurance. If you have a sense of humor you might also want to zip the title up a bit and name it the Very Last Guide You Will Ever Want or Need to buying Medicare supplements etc.

Each portion or section of your “Guide” can be the subject of multiple blogs posts. Talk about good exposure and marketing. It is worth a try.

Ever Thought About Squidoo to Market Your Insurance Agency?

Ever thought about trying something different to market your insurance agency? For instance, have you considered using Squidoo?

Marketing is all about using effective and low cost methods to market your agency and products. Squidoo is a good source for smart insurance agents looking for an effective way to market their agency.

Here are a few tricks that will help you along the way to create a useful Squidoo lens.

  • You want to make it useful and not filled with junk. People need to know what you are offering so make certain you have great content.
  • Do keyword research first to make your lens easy to find. Also check the tag clouds that Squidoo offers.
  • Use highly searched keywords in your lens title.
  • Use the 40 tags you are allowed per lens and find keyword phrases for all of them. It increases your search engine visibility.
  • In the bio section that must have a picture, assert that you are an expert in the insurance field, because you are.
  • Feature controversial topics on your lens as this garners readers, comments and business.
  • Link to and allow others to link to your lens to grow an audience.
  • Focus on having fresh content as often as possible.
  • Participate in forums, comment on other blogs and answer insurance questions.
  • Put your insurance agency url in your signature file in your lens.
    Yes, it may take some time to figure out how Squidoo works, but the time invested is well worth the response you are likely to get over time. It is all about building solid and effective ways to market your insurance agency and you. Remember, selling insurance is not just about selling a paper policy. It is about selling you as an expert, reliable, knowledgeable, and a good person to do business with when someone needs a policy that suits his or her budget and lifestyle.

    Relationship marketing is all about you and the product, not just the product. These days it is personal service that counts when it comes to sales.

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