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Ever Thought About Squidoo to Market Your Insurance Agency?

Ever thought about trying something different to market your insurance agency? For instance, have you considered using Squidoo?

Marketing is all about using effective and low cost methods to market your agency and products. Squidoo is a good source for smart insurance agents looking for an effective way to market their agency.

Here are a few tricks that will help you along the way to create a useful Squidoo lens.

  • You want to make it useful and not filled with junk. People need to know what you are offering so make certain you have great content.
  • Do keyword research first to make your lens easy to find. Also check the tag clouds that Squidoo offers.
  • Use highly searched keywords in your lens title.
  • Use the 40 tags you are allowed per lens and find keyword phrases for all of them. It increases your search engine visibility.
  • In the bio section that must have a picture, assert that you are an expert in the insurance field, because you are.
  • Feature controversial topics on your lens as this garners readers, comments and business.
  • Link to and allow others to link to your lens to grow an audience.
  • Focus on having fresh content as often as possible.
  • Participate in forums, comment on other blogs and answer insurance questions.
  • Put your insurance agency url in your signature file in your lens.
    Yes, it may take some time to figure out how Squidoo works, but the time invested is well worth the response you are likely to get over time. It is all about building solid and effective ways to market your insurance agency and you. Remember, selling insurance is not just about selling a paper policy. It is about selling you as an expert, reliable, knowledgeable, and a good person to do business with when someone needs a policy that suits his or her budget and lifestyle.

    Relationship marketing is all about you and the product, not just the product. These days it is personal service that counts when it comes to sales.

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