So, How Are Your Writing Skills When It Comes to Marketing Campaigns?

If you’re groaning out loud at this question, then writing is likely something you struggle with every time you go to write a blog or marketing piece. The words seem wooden or they are too big and jargon-like. The end result is “you” understand what you wrote, because you sell insurance, but those who are going to receive and try to read it won’t “get it.”

Put yourself into the position of your customer who knows nothing about Medicare or isn’t familiar with Medigap or final expense insurance – whatever the product is you want to promote. Now write in the simplest manner possible and explain what they need to know – leaving out the legalese – as you can explain more in detail when they call or meet with you.

It’s not always an easy thing to do, thinking like a potential customer, but if you want customers to buy insurance, they have to understand what you are selling and how it directly benefits them. Straight, clean, simple concepts using points or short sentences to get across the benefits of supplemental insurance or Medicare.

Can’t do it? Comes out not making sense? Then, hire a writer to do it for you. How you communicate with your existing and potential clients is one of the “foundation” must-dos in building your insurance agency. Hiring a good writer is well worth the investment of marketing dollars to attract more business.

Cutting Corners With Your Marketing Dollars?

A proper marketing campaign is the key to success. The last thing you need to be doing is cutting corners with your marketing dollars. Never cut corners when it comes to marketing materials. Work hard to design a great marketing campaign. Make sure your image is polished, professional, relevant, up-to-date and approachable.

Make sure your business cards are well designed and on brand. Make sure the reports you put on your website contain important information, are laid out in a crisp, clean and clear fashion and thoroughly proof read. Make them professional and ensure they have a clear and relevant message for readers. If you have website videos, make them high quality with good sound. Promoting a brochure? Make it colorful, professional, relevant and with excellent content. Do not skip the small things when it comes to marketing materials.

Marketing materials are the face your agency presents to the world. If the materials are shoddy, sloppy, have typos and other errors, this reflects badly on your agency. Marketing is not the place to cut corners on quality. Spend money to make money to get the best leads.


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