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Want to be competitive and a leader in the number of sales you close? If so, go for the gold and buy exclusive group insurance leads. Don’t think you can afford them? A better question is, can you afford “not” to buy them? In other words, if someone handed you a list of names of individuals who were asking for information about insurance, and you knew they had been vetted already, would you turn them down? Chances are, probably not.

If you want to be a sales leader, working with leads that have already been qualified is the smart way to go. The pre-screened ones are ready to go, and even though you still need to discuss various issues in depth with the client, you know you likely have a pending sale. Rarely do you get an invalid lead. However, if that happens, you can contact the lead generation company and ask for a replacement.

Medicare Supplement Leads are Premium Business Builders

One good way to jumpstart an insurance company’s bottom line is to specialize in selling Medicare supplements. This segment of the population is guaranteed buyers who have an urgent need to get their insurance needs met, more so since ObamaCare was upheld by the Supreme Court. The best way to jump on the Medicare bandwagon is to find a quality lead generation company and splurge on exclusive Medicare supplement leads.

With those coming into your email box on a regular basis, you will have a never-ending steam of potential clients to call. Just make sure you know your stuff, offer good service, have a friendly and knowledgeable demeanor and treat your prospective clients with respect. A little extra care could pave the way to more sales.

Group Insurance Leads Come In All Flavors

Group insurance leads typically do not come from just one person but rather a group of individuals. This may make it a bit more difficult to manage, as there will be multiple questions and issues from each person in the group. Ultimately, if you handle the pre-sale “get to know one another” period well, you will find things come together and result in a nice sale.

There are similarities and differences when dealing with groups versus individuals. A group is a collection of individuals who need help selecting the right kind of insurance to meet their needs. If you excel working one-on-one, translate that skill to a group. You just need to know your product inside out, be forthcoming and courteous, and the sales will follow.

Benepath CEO Says Exclusive Medicare Supplement Leads Need Personal Touch

A personal follow-up to exclusive Medicare supplement leads can make a big difference to sales figures.

“In a world that is virtually upside down these days, personal service in sales is remembered. Unfortunately, many sales people make the mistake of thinking what is important is the final sale,” said Clelland Green, RHU, CEO, and president of Benepath.net. “While the final sale is important, it is not the ‘be all, end all.’ Personal touches are often what separate you from the ranks of other agents who are bent on sales numbers only.”

Take selling insurance, for example. Instead of being viewed just as a way to make money, selling insurance is an opportunity to help people make the right decisions for their health and welfare. It could be a real win-win for you and your customers. And if your business includes buying exclusive Medicare supplement leads, Green has some words of advice.

“Before making the leap into buying exclusive Medicare supplement leads to build an insurance business, it is wise to check out whether or not those leads may be customized to suit your geographic business needs. No sense in buying leads two states away that you can’t really service properly,” said Green. “Also find out if they are pre-qualified and genuinely exclusive to you only.” They should be or the agent will be competing with up to seven others for a sale, which is a waste of time and money.

And don’t forget the most important thing: the personal touch. “A personal note of thanks, encouragement or an offer to help by providing more information will be remembered. Ensure your notes are personal and not canned. Take the time to either email a note of your own creation, or send something by snail mail. While it may be a shame that the personal touch seems to have gone the way of the dinosaur, there is nothing saying you can’t bring courtesy, kindness, thoughtfulness and genuine caring to the way you do business. The results may surprise you,” said Green.

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Group Insurance Leads

From group insurance leads to individual insurance leads, Benepath Inc. makes it easy for insurance professionals to buy insurance leads.

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