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Building a Mobile App for Your Agency

Building a Mobile App for Your Agency In this day and age of technology, having a mobile presence for your business is absolutely necessary for maximized success. For insurance agencies specifically, developing a mobile app gives you a strategic advantage, helping to streamline operations, and improve the way in which you engage with clients. If your agency doesn’t have one yet, don’t worry! We’re here to help. In this article we’ll be exploring some of the key benefits of developing a mobile app. Additionally, we’re going to teach you some simple steps to get started in the actual development process. 

Client Benefits

1.Increased Accessibility

A mobile application places your services within the reach of your clients at all times. This means that anytime of the day, morning or night, they will be able to access pertinent information or send urgent messages. Whether they want to file a claim, contact customer service, or simply review their policy details, an app makes it simple and quick. 

2.Better Customer Experience

Mobile apps also make it easier to provide clients with a personalized experience based on their preferences. By utilizing user data, you can tailor your services, offerings, and notifications to meet any clients specific needs. Providing customized offers and updates directly to a client in real-time increases their satisfaction, and helps make sure they don’t miss out on special deals. 


Above all, a mobile app is all about making things more easy and convenient. Digital ID cards, on-the-go policy management tools, and secure access to documents are just some of the features that make apps so great for clients. For clients deciding between several insurance agencies, the simplicity of a mobile app could be a key factor in their purchasing decision. 

Agency Benefits

1.Streamlines Tasks

One of the great things about mobile apps is that they streamline routine tasks that agents would normally do manually. Tasks such as data entry, claims processing, and client notifications can all be automated with the use of a mobile app. This ultimately frees up extra time for you to focus on other pressing initiatives, and remember, saving time means saving money!

2.Improves Customer Service

As touched on already, a main benefit that mobile apps hold is the ability to improve customer service. For insurance agents, the main way they do this is by using AI chatbots, or automated messaging tools to provide real-time, accurate customer support responses. This means that your clients can reach out for assistance even outside of traditional work hours. Enhancing your client’s experience through the use of automated tools is an easy way to increase their loyalty to your business.

3.Data Insights

From a marketing perspective, mobile apps are super useful as well. Most apps have the ability to collect data on the behavior and feedback of clients. These insights oftentimes lead to more informed business decisions, highly effective marketing strategies, or even new products. In an industry that is highly competitive, using a mobile app is a stellar  way to gain information about your target audience. 

Building Your Agency’s App: Getting Started 

While the thought of building an app for your agency may seem daunting, it’s actually easier than many people think. Here is a basic outline of what the process will look like:

1.Establish Goals and Objectives

Begin the process by summarizing the main goal or goals that you want your app to achieve. Is the goal to improve client interactions, streamline the claims process, enhance customer service, or maybe all three? No matter what the case may be, having well-defined objects will serve as a compass for your development process.

2.Put Yourself In Your Client’s Shoes

In addition to defining your own goals, you’ll need to make sure that you’re addressing the needs of your audience. Take time to think about functionalities that would truly help you if you were the average insurance client. While this step may seem obvious, the thought-process is crucial in order to meet your user’s expectations.

3.Choose a Path For Development 

When it comes to actually developing the app you’ll have a few options. You can hire a development team, use an app building platform, or outsource and collaborate with a software developer. While we won’t get into the specifics of each option, it’s important to note that each one has pros and cons. The factors that are likely to determine this decision are: budget, timeframe, and the technical requirements. 

4.Test and Gather Feedback

After the app is developed, it’s essential to give yourself ample time to test it. Thoroughly testing a brand new app is necessary to make sure it functions correctly and is free of bugs. Additionally, try to get feedback from real-life users. Doing so gives you valuable insights and allows you to make adjustments before the full-scale launch.

5.Launch, Promote, and Gather Feedback

When the app is finalized, it’s now time to launch it on appropriate platforms such as the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You’ll want to make sure to have a marketing strategy in place surrounding the launch of the app to increase downloads and engagement. Your agency website, social media platforms, and email marketing are all suitable options. As time goes on, continue to collect user feedback and make improvements accordingly. Remember— the best applications develop and change over time depending on the ever-evolving needs of the customer.

Final Thought… Building a Mobile App for Your Agency

If your agency doesn’t already have a mobile app, you should consider investing. Streamlining day-to-day operations, improving customer service, and transforming the way you connect with clients, are just a few of the ways an app can give you a competitive edge. While the development process will take some time and effort, over time it will pay for itself through convenience and customization. Creating your own agency app is not only strategically wise, but it’s highly achievable!


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