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The 3 Stages of The Conversion Process

Marketing is the key to a business’s success. It’s how you reach your audience, and how you guide the entire customer journey from beginning to end. But marketing is not just about getting the word out there, it’s about communicating and developing relationships with consumers. And that’s no simple thing: in fact, some businesses struggle with how to target leads, attract the right kind of people to their business, and guide them through the conversion process. But don’t worry: if you’re up on the main stages of the conversion process, and know what to do every step of the way, you’ll be able to attract leads and successfully navigate them through to becoming loyal customers. 

1. The Awareness Stage

website page
Create a landing page or infographic that introduces your brand, service, or product to new visitors.

This stage is considered the top of the marketing funnel. During this stage, you need to get your lead’s attention, and the best way to do this is to provide a solution to a problem in the insurance market. This will help to get their attention, help them become aware of your business, and help them to associate it with positive emotions like trust and confidence. 

During this stage you can:

  • Create a landing page or infographic that introduces your brand, service, or product to new visitors.
  • Share a post on social media that highlights your unique selling proposition.
  • Use paid ads on social media and in podcasts that are relevant to your target audience.

2. The Consideration Stage

The consideration stage is the middle of the sales funnel, and is the time when a prospect is looking into their insurance options, and also considering if they should work with you. At this stage, you should try to build trust by answering questions, so you can guide your leads further through the funnel. It’s still a little early for them to settle on you, but if you got their attention during the awareness stage, they’re thinking about choosing you. 

So how can you persuade them? Try sharing specific details about three ways you can help them,  direct them to the right insurance plan for them, and show them how you can find them quotes in just a few minutes. You can also:

  • Write a how-to guide or article that answers questions and eliminates any doubts that potential customers may experience.
  • Share social proof, like customer reviews and testimonies, to build even more trust.

3. The Conversion Stage

paper with charts on it
Making feature and price comparison charts easy to access and understand.

Now the prospect is at the bottom of the funnel, has decided that they want more details and information on the insurance you offer, and is considering becoming your customer. 

During this stage, consider:

  • Making feature and price comparison charts easy to access and understand.
  • Sending email marketing campaigns and using on-site surveys.

Need Help Finding Leads? 

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