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What Did You Include in Your Insurance Marketing Campaign, Besides a Business Card?

Ok, you maybe sent a magnetic business card or calendar, but what else? Was there anything or item of good value included that would stop most people from not reading it or throwing it away? It has been noted that the cost of attention these days has skyrocketed seven-to-nine-fold since 1990. That makes attention the most dramatic business expense to tackle today.

Eighty-three percent surveyed consumers’ say they trust friends and family when they offer recommendations about a product and 6 percent trust online consumer opinions. This is referred to as earned media/marketing. You could liken it to a testimonial because a brand/product has captured an individual’s attention and they talk about it, promote it, use it and stand by it. There are two elements involved in earned media, duration/length of ad and intensity, and both have a higher impact with earned marketing, but not paid marketing.

To get earned marketing follow these two tips:

  • Ensure your content is high quality and grabs people’s by using words that offer value in the form of entertainment/information
  • For effective distribution employ segmentation to reach customers most likely to share your insurance marketing message

Have a bit of fun creating your insurance marketing campaign and be sure to track the results for future campaigns.

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