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Selling Medicare Is Hard Work

Thousands of Americans are about to turn 65 and they are going to need health insurance. Are you ready to sell?

Before jumping into selling Medicare, you should understand some important points. First, you cannot sell insurance policies unless you understand how they work. Medicare Part A and Part B are critical supplement plans for many seniors.

Medicare is and can be a daunting item to explain to new customers. However, if you know health insurance polices inside out, including all the latest changes, you stand a much better chance of having a loyal customer base now and for the future. Knowing Medicare and being able to explain it also enhances your credibility. For new agents, who might still be figuring stuff out, it is best take the time to speak to another agent who has been selling health plans for years and get their take on the policies. The more you know, the easier it gets to sell Medicare.

If you are just starting out it is likely a good idea to make sure you get appointed to sell at least 2 different companies offering Medicare supplement plans and Medicare Advantage. Taking on any more than that to begin with can be overwhelming. Over time and with more experienced garnered by selling Medicare, you can expand your horizons to being appointed to sell for more insurance companies.

Do you know all the benefits and co-pays right off the top of your head? You need to be able to quote them and to also know the applications thoroughly, from start to finish. After all, you are the one potential clients are going to ask about the forms.

Check out the best source for Medicare and other leads by searching for a reputable lead generation company that stands by their product; a company that takes the time to screen and vet all potential clients before sending them to you.

You also want a company where you can get exactly what you want in terms of leads, say for instance, in a certain geographic area, in a defined age group, with children or without a family and so forth. Remember to buy the best leads that you can, because those are the ones that have the highest probability of converting and thus are good value for your agency marketing dollars.

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