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Make Appointments to Suit the Potential Clients Schedule

This one tip can be overlooked more in the breach than the doing, and the thing is, it can cost you business. For example, you want to market group health insurance and you make an in-person call to a business to pitch the idea. The boss, although interested, does not have the time right then to sit down and talk. This is your cue to make an appointment for whenever they can make time for you, even if that happens to be on a Sunday or during a holiday.

If you make the effort to book appointments to suit the potential buyer’s timetable, this is one thing they remember when it comes time to choose a group health insurance plan. You went out of your way to help them and spent the time being straightforward and honest with them about the policy choices, how they worked and which ones may be of the most benefit to the employer’s bottom line.

By making a potential customer aware of the fact that you are willing to work with them when they have time, you have made an impression. With the right products, the right attitude, the right approach to selling, this next sale is “yours.”

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