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How Else Can You Become a Creative Insurance Marketer?

Strive to create a positive emotional feeling such as joy. Emotional marketing has been around for years but it is still effective even today despite the wide range of brands in the marketplace and various other competitors. The main thing is that a positive emotion, even when thinking about various kinds of insurance, is extremely important to the retention and conversion process.

Surprise and joy instantly capture a viewer’s attention and ups the likelihood that they will share your campaign material with others, which is precisely what you want. One of the best vehicles for really creative insurance ads is an Internet video ad. Yes, they are a bit more expensive, but if they convert well, the expense is paid for very quickly.

Today everyone faces information overload and getting your message seen and heard is difficult. If you can deliver humor, joy and surprise to snag engagement, digital sharing of your campaign can take off in ways you never dreamed were possible. If you also mobile market your insurance agency, try using various GIFs to convey an emotional message.

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