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Are You A Problem Solver? Then Selling Insurance Is For You

You have no doubt heard that old saying: “Don’t bring me problems. Bring me solutions.” This is applicable in selling insurance as well. Customers do not want to hear, “We don’t have a policy that can do what you want,” or “Your family cannot be covered under this policy. You need a more expensive one.”

When people are ready to buy insurance, for example, Medicare/Medigap, they do not want to hear how complicated it is, when the deadlines are, why they cannot have what they want or that they are going to have to do without things. This is a problem for you to solve. The best agent will dig in and find the best deal they can for their client with as many benefits as possible.

Your job is to solve the problems of those applying for health insurance, not create them. Sure, some policies may not fit the person shopping, but there is always something, somewhere that be the ticket for them. While it may not be 100 percent on the money of what they wanted, if you can offer them a solution that is very close to what they envision, it is a win-win.

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