Check Out The Competition

Yes, check out what the competition is doing. Do they offer something you could improve upon? Are they leading your insurance agency in rankings? Do they sell more of policy X than you do? Find out what they are doing that makes them a leading competitor in your market space. Once you have a good idea of what they are doing that may be different or innovative, figure out how you can one-up the deal.

Could you offer different benefits? Offer a better discount? Sell a better insurance policy than their top selling policy for a lower price or with added benefits? There is always a way to make what you offer look, sound and sell better. You just have to pay attention to market analytics to figure out where and how you can improve your ranking in the marketplace.

Don’t do analytics? You don’t need to be doing them yourself if they seem like Greek to you. Hire a good SEO firm with expertise in analytics and have them tell you what you need to know to develop a superior health insurance marketing campaign. It’s worth the money.

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