Do Not Be in a Rush When You Join a Social Media Platform

When you first join any social media platform you may be feeling excited and eager to begin posting nonstop. While that sounds appealing, do not jump right in to posting on your social media platform(s). Give yourself time to familiarize yourself with the social media platform. Read what others say, how they say it and study what posts get the most attention.

Taking your time to get a good sense of how the social media platform works saves you the possible later anguish of running afoul of the group rules. For instance, if the platform has certain rules about posting videos or making sales pitches, it is imperative those rules are followed. Taking your time to decide what to do is the smartest thing possible when you are marketing your business online. Selling insurance online is different than knocking on doors, cold calling leads or even buying good leads.

Remember, you are not just selling insurance. You are also selling you. So take the time to be approachable, teach people about insurance, answer questions, be helpful and be personable. The more people read your posts, the better they feel they know you. If you build an online rapport, chances are they are more likely to buy a policy from you later when they need one. In other words, do not just market a policy. Market yourself as well.

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