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Always Be Honest With Leads and Customers

Telling the truth is a great value. In the age of the internet it is too easy to be swayed by fake stories and inaccurate posts. Too many people get caught up making others think they know far more than they really do. This applies to insurance agents and others who are in sales. What is important to remember, however, is that no one knows everything and making people think you do is bound to blow up at some point.

Telling leads and customers that you do not know an answer to their question is nothing to be ashamed of or worried about. Just tell the person asking that you do not know the answer, but you intend to find it and provide it for them. This type of a response, whether on the internet, email or in person is far more credible than faking it. Remember, if it is on the internet, it is there permanently.

Once you have found the answer to a puzzling inquiry, make it a point to contact the person who asked the question and give them your researched answer. Service like that is something people will remember for a long time. If you want great customers, be trustworthy.

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