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Marketing Email Subject Lines Should be Catered to the Audience

Subject lines are the introduction and invitation for your audience to read the information you are sending them. Just like with speeches, marketing emails and subject lines need to be written for the audience you are targeting. Subject line length is the first place to start when trying to cater to any audience.

Marketing email subject lines should ideally be under 50 characters, but it is even better if they are 35 characters long. That said, subject line length can be variable depending on your mailing list and the relationship you have with your readers.

Catering to the needs of your audience can have a huge effect on subject lines of marketing emails. For example, if you and your insurance agency are well known by those on your emailing list, then your subject lines can be longer by revealing complex topics of interest. If, however, your marketing email is to be sent to potential leads, then the subject line would be changed accordingly. Maybe, have a shorter subject line that is a call to action. The trick is to craft your subject line around the important topic contained in your email and add in a bit of a teaser to make readers want to click to open the email.

Like with anything, creating enticing subject lines takes practice. It is a good idea to test possible subject lines with co-workers and staff to see which one captured their interest enough to open the email and read it. With practice, choosing an eye-catching subject line will become easier. However, do not forget to closely follow email analytics to see what is performing and what is not.

If you find yourself stuck on creating an appropriate subject line try talking to an email marketing pro and see what they suggest. You may also check out your competition for subject line ideas.

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