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Medicare Leads That Sound Good Versus Those That Are Actually Good

Real-time Medicare supplement leads are a goldmine for health insurance agents looking to build their business. Thing is, which are the best leads, the ones the stand a good chance of converting? There is so much misinformation floating around it’s hard to know.

Heads up on two tips for you before buying Medicare leads. Most companies that say they sell real-time Medicare leads are really using a plain Jane health insurance form, not one specific to Medicare. However, some companies figure that if a prospective customer is over 65 and fills in such a form, they are looking for a Medicare Supplement and they call those Medicare supplement leads. However, the individual may not want a quote for Medicare, but instead be searching for final expense insurance. False leads like that waste hard earned marketing dollars.

How do you solve this conundrum? Look for a lead generation company that has a dedicated Medicare Supplemental Insurance form.

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