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Benepath Introduces Commercial Insurance Leads That Work

Benepath is pleased to announce its new product line of exclusive commercial insurance leads, connecting agents throughout the United States with businesses wanting coverage.

Benepath’s commercial leads provide exceptional benefits to both small businesses and insurance agents. Businesses looking to purchase coverage will be given the opportunity to work with companies and browse plans they usually would not have access to, making it more likely they will secure the right policy for their needs and budget. Agents will gain exposure with small businesses wishing to buy commercial insurance at an affordable price. This new product line expands Benepath’s commercial offerings as the lead generation company already delivers one-to-one matches for small businesses searching for group health insurance and the agents who sell the plans.

“We are in the business of generating exclusive leads that work, and our new product line of commercial insurance is just the latest way Benepath assists agents in providing companies with the coverage they require,” said Clelland Green, president of Benepath.

Agents can connect with small business owners looking for commercial insurance and deliver the protection employers need most, whether that involves a workers’ compensation, business owners policy, general liability, professional liability or cyber liability plan.

Benepath provides real-time, exclusive leads to insurance agents and agencies across the country. Relying on feedback from its agents, Benepath utilizes its digital marketing expertise to bid on keywords in search engines that attract business owners looking for insurance. After obtaining a lead’s information, Benepath sends the details to one agent who is licensed to sell commercial insurance, orchestrating a one-to-one connection. Benepath also creates a customized thank you page that lets business owners see the agent they will they hear from, which makes them less likely to look elsewhere for a quote and allows the agent to prepare before contacting the lead.

Benepath does not just offer leads to agents and then let them figure it out on their own. In addition to receiving the best leads available, agents who use Benepath are given better tools, more guidance, unsurpassed sales training and techniques from the most successful agents in the industry.

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