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Marketing Needs and Customer Needs Do Not Always Align

It is inevitable that you and your customers will not have the same point of view on insurance. In fact, a large number of marketers do not understand the consumers’ point of view. The marketer’s point of view is selling insurance to grow a company and earn a good reputation. Consumers look at it from the point of view of their wants, interests and needs. Customers also look at the marketer and if they come across as being a product driven sales person. Most consumers switch off listening and ignore the pitch. They ignore it because it does not serve them and under those circumstances, a sale is not likely.

To avoid losing sales, you will need to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Be your customer. If you were looking for insurance what would you want, need, prefer and would be interested in? Is it Medicare Advantage? The new plans coming for 2019? The new insurers coming online? The extra options that will be offered to Medicare Advantage (MA) beneficiaries?

If you gain a better understanding of your customer needs, then you will be more successful in obtaining new customers.

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