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More Insurance Marketing Tips

So, you want to do something different in marketing your insurance agency. What could you possibly do to capture people’s attention? Here are a few tips to consider.

If you want referrals, think emergency info wallet cards. Make sure to have accurate contact information on them for all local emergency services such as police, fire and poison control. Add your agency’s contact information and the phone number people can call for claims. Who would not want to have this kind of card ready to use in the case of an emergency?

It is important to have contact information on display, one of the best places to feature your contact information is in your email signature, so make sure you create one and add every way you have to contact you, including your website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.

Another promotional idea that captures people’s attention is an agency mascot. If you have an animal that can do mascot duty during the day – a cat or dog – go for it. Make them the official greeter when people come to the agency. Or, opt for a mascot costume, dress it with an agency T-shirt and go to community events. Add videos of the mascot to all your social media accounts.
Who said marketing insurance had to be a drag?

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