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How Does an Insurance Agent Come Up with Good Marketing Ideas?

One of the first things insurance agents find out when they get into business is that they did not realize they would need to be marketers. Starting an insurance agency seemed like a promising idea. However, selling insurance and always getting renewals is not a realistic outlook. Turns out the agency, the insurance policies and the agent all need to b marketed to be successful at growing an agency.

If you find yourself in a similarly overwhelming situation, do not panic. You need to start at the beginning and see what others are doing in your niche. Take their strategies, modify them and make yours even better. Selling insurance is not just about having a policy and pricing it fairly to attract business. Make your ad campaigns about how much you know about the insurance business, or how helpfull you are to your customers. You marketing campaigns should focus on your customer service and how personable you are and whether you have the right kind of policies for those who need them.

Selling insurance is tough. Agent to agent competition and big insurance company versus other insurance companies are all competing for the same customers. In a field of tough competition what does an agent need to do to make their mark? Make certain people know you are ethical and knowledgeable. Build trust. Meet and exceed any challenges you run across along the way. Find a way to solve all problems, every situation does have a solution. Be that agent that finds the right solution for the right moment. Watch your agency grow – one client at a time.

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