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What is Relationship Marketing and How It Benefits Insurance Agents

Agents who may be new to the business or who are struggling with obtaining leads, need to remember a simple rule: People buy what directly benefits them. Thus, to increase their customer base, agents will need to work hard at fining the benefits in buying insurance for their individual clients. After all, people typically make buying decisions based on what is good for them and how it benefits them.

While insurance is more than just beneficial, it is one product that many people think they can do without. Not having insurance can be a bad choice if a family member has an unexpected accident and requires a fair amount of medical care. On the other hand, having insurance would significantly reduce medical costs for sudden illnesses, injuries or damages. For any insurance agent, the key to discussing insurance policies with potential and existing customers is knowing what would work for them. In other words, what would prompt current or perspective customers to purchase an insurance policy.

Many insurance agents, new and more experienced, forget that in order to successfully sells insurance they need to establish a relationship with their leads and customers. This strategy is also known as relationship marketing.

The simplest way of approaching relationship marketing is by engaging with warm leads, those people you already know. Warm leads are more likely to do business with you because they know you and because you know them and have an idea of what their individual wants and needs may be. Warm leads may require a little less effort, but you will also need to inspire them with the depth of your knowledge on various policies, benefits, prices and coverage.

Now, if you apply similar tactics that you used on your warm leads to all other leads, you will see success. In other words, if you market yourself just as you would choose to market your product to warm leads, your chances of converting new leads and customers incrementally goes up.

What potential customers want to hear is how they can benefit from buying insurance and they want to hear it in simple terms. This is where being able to take various policies and present them in a manner that is easily understood is helpful. Cover what the policy pays for and what it does not. Lay out precisely what coverage the individual or family has and what they will pay for premiums. Being honest, upfront and detailed in your explanations earns customer loyalty and repeat business.

Always remember that customers clearly appreciate an agent that not only knows their business and products but conveys the impression that they really want to help their customers choose what works best for them. If you genuinely care about your customers, they come back and spread the word about your services and expertise.

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