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A Short Guide on How to Manage and Avoid Bad Leads

All insurance agents more or less experienced will have to face bad leads in their sales careers. Dealing with bad or aggressive and unwelcoming leads can be highly stressful. Bad leads can cost agents both their time and money. Is there a way to avoid bad lads? How should agents deal with bad leads?

If you are in insurance industry, how do you tell the difference between good and bad leads? A bad lead will often tell you that they are not interested in your product. The reasons they may list can range from having an insurance policy to being tired of receiving phone calls from insurance agents. How do you prevent situations like these?

Bad leads happen all the time, but more so when you order leads that are shared. Shared leads often mean that many agents also get the same leads. It is not a great experience for you, the other agents or the leads to be part of a situation like that.

Buying shared leads does not necessary help you grow your insurance agency. While shared leads can be a viable option, if you want better leads, you will need to invest more money into guaranteed leads. Guaranteed leads are exclusive to only you. Meaning that you will be the only agent contacting them.

The best way to obtain exclusive leads is to begin working with a lead generation company. When you first start working with a lead generation company, it is really important to clearly outline which types of leads you want and what results you are aiming to achieve. Here are important factors you need to look for when you deal with lead generation company:

  • Live transfer exclusive leads (click-to-call)
  • High quality pre-screened, pre-vetted leads
  • Offers you the ability to be the first to contact leads
  • The ability to target certain demographics if desired
    For any insurance agent the most important thing is for them to get the quality leads that stand a good chance of converting. That is why it is imperative that you consider working with a lead generation company. Obtaining exclusive leads saves time and money.

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