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What is your hook?

What is your hook as an insurance agent? More specifically what is the edge that makes your product work for an existing and/or prospective buyer? Most commonly, agents believe that an efficient hook is the emphasis of how insurance protects property, home, family or health. In part, this is correct, but it does not tell you what people are really looking for. In order to engage perspective buyers it is best to track the ongoing trends.

Here is what you need to do to find out what is trending. First, look for page ranks for specific variations people are using when they are searching to buy insurance. Those terms could include: “cheap life insurance,” “inexpensive health insurance” or “cost effective health insurance.” The point is, by putting in various search parameters you get a narrow search field. Examine the pages that you pull up and find out what your competition is doing.

Knowing what the insurance agency down the street is selling, how they are selling it and how they are appealing to customers, gives you the insight to fine-tune your own marketing strategies. Never ignore what another agency is doing in terms of marketing because customers may leave you for them.

Being in the know means keeping track of marketing trends, using them, adapting them and in the long run, keeping your competitive edge sharp and effective.

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