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Number one tip: Seek expertise and support

Although it may feel sometimes that you are only reliant on yourself when selling insurance, that is not true. Numerous sources exist to help you get the knowledge and support you need.

If you work for an insurance agency, reach out to your coworkers. Your agency has agents above and below you with knowledge and expertise to share. Every agent has their own tips, tactics, opinions and advice that can prove beneficial to you. Senior agents or brokers are a true font of knowledge and there is not much that they have not seen, done, handled or figured out.

Junior agents, or those with less experience than you may also have a completely different perspective on selling and working with clients. Just because they are new does not mean they cannot give you fresh ideas on what works for them.

Even if you are an independent contractor or new to an agency, make the effort to reach out to others for support. Furthermore, make sure to utilize tools such as trainings and insurance agent associations for additional growth and support.

If you want to grow your business, it is in your best interests to try new techniques and approaches to selling insurance effectively.

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